Theatre and Physical Theatre

SOMNIA 2.022

15 - 20 Mar | The Vault


After their successful debut season, 2.022 is bringing new cast members, more nights and an earlier session time (9:40pm), plus EXTRA DREAMS!

Inspired by the sleep disorder Narcolepsy, it is a haunting physical theatre - Part fantasy/part hallucination.

Featuring aerial, cabaret and sideshow performers, who bring the vivid dreams and nightmares of our sleeping protagonist to the stage.


★★★★★ "A riveting show which will, at times, shock you...It’s a great display of South Australian talents who have not gotten enough exposure, but are more than worthy of it. Definitely a show worth losing sleep over!" SeeDoEatReview

★★★★ “Sexy and macabre in the extreme - If you are looking for something intriguing, skillful and a little bit frightening, this is the show for you." Kryztoff

★★★★ The Advertiser

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: This event has changed venues since the guide has gone to print. 

Important information:

This performance contains:
  • Mild Occasional Nudity
  • Strobe Lighting | Smoke Effects |

Suitability Rated: R18+

Presented by: Rebecca Castaldini