Kids and Family

Bettongs & Buddies

17 Feb - 11 Mar | Le Cascadeur


Join Rufous the Bettong, a wannabe violinist, on his hilarious journey through the bush where he encounters other native animals who teach him, and the audience, what it means to be a critical member of his ecosystem. Each new animal buddy Rufous meets on his adventure gives him a gift which, when put together at the end of the show, forms one very special surprise that will strike a chord!
Combining live music with story and song, 'Bettongs and Buddies' will leave you laughing, cheering, and inspired to protect our Indigenous wildlife. Stick around after the show for a pat, a photo, and even a hold of live native animals and find out more about these pawsome creatures.
"State's Best Live Kids Show." SA and NT What's on 4 Kids 2023 Award.


Production Company: DunnART Productions
Producers: Gigi Pinwill, Stefanie Roeske
Writer /Director:  Gigi Pinwill
Actors: Curtis Shipley, Melanie Munt
Violinist:Emma Richardson
Costumes: Sheri McCoy
Stage Manager: Stefanie Roeske, Andrea da Silva Rabelo


Saturday 24 February 2pm
Saturday 2 March 2pm
Saturday 9 March 2pm



Suitability Rated: G

Presented by: DunnART Productions