15 Feb - 17 Mar |


By day, visitors will experience a sparkling crystal palace as the open-air structure transports them to another world. As the sun sets, they will become part of a spectacular colour field of ever-changing light.

The smash hit of Fringe 2023 returns to delight and wow Adelaide!

Kaleidoscope is a simple optical device scaled to epic proportions allowing you to step inside a constantly shifting illusion.  This mesmerising symphony of light and sound is staged in a breathtaking mirror maze.

It challenges preconceptions and provides the brave and adventurous with a new and different space to explore, contemplate, and dream.

The hit of Melbourne’s Rising Festival and Brisbane Festival 2022.

‘Designed to warm the heart and temper the soul.’ Aussie Theatre

The smiles on people’s faces speak volumes.’ The Blurb

★★★★ ‘A fun and mesmerising playground of optical illusion’ Weekend Notes

Beautiful, confronting and existentially annihilating...highly recommended.’ Van Badham



Suitability Rated: G

Presented by: Buxton Walker